I am from New Jersey and lived there for most of my life until 2008 when I made the big move to Fort Worth, Texas with my husband and two dogs, Fluffy and Piggy.   I spent a lot of time visiting Fort Worth while our daughter attended college at TCU from 2004 – 2008 and I fell in love with the people, the weather and the area.   I am a photographer, an artist and dancer.   My favorite subjects to photograph are animals, nature, closeups and dance.   I design logos, I dance ballet, flamenco, ballroom and salsa and I also design and sew my own costumes for dance performances.   My daughter was a ballet dancer all through school and afterwards and that is where I learned to make costumes and to photograph dance performances, back then I used film though.   I taught myself to make professional tutus by hand, ice skating outfits and many other dance costumes for my daughter to perform in.  While I was very involved  in the world of ballet because of my daughter being a dancer, I never danced until after moving to Fort Worth.  I used to drive by a ballroom dance studio every day and kept wishing I could do that… then one day in 2010 I stopped into a studio and signed up for classes….  dance has become a way of life ever since then.  In 2011, I started to learn ballet and flamenco.   I also work out at the gym with weights and machine and I am an avid tennis fan.   When I can find the time, I also takes tennis lessons, but for now, I am choosing dance over tennis.

This is my personal blog about my passions and life, I hope you enjoy it!

My Flickr Gallery https://www.flickr.com/photos/shutterbugdancer/albums

and my website  www.lauralynnedaniels.com



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