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My mom when she lived in California a few years before she was diagnosed with beginning Alzheimer's.  This picture is so perfect, she loved Champagne and people always knew her as laughing.

My mother has dementia.  She was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, oh, maybe about 15 or 20 years ago. My mother and I have always had a very rocky relationship. I was the only girl, the oldest of 4.   The boys meant everything to her…

My Mom


I moved here from New Jersey about 7 years ago, one of the reasons being that I was really tired of the long cold and snowy winters. On Friday, February 27, I had a photography/photoshop workshop to attend at the Arlington Convention Center.  The night…

A Jersey Girl In A Winter Storm in Texas

Fluffy loved playing in gardens.  This was  Fluffy in our back yard in East Windsor, NJ.   It's my first thought when the psychic told me she was in a flower garden chasing butterflies.

Fluffy, was a very special girl, she was a West Highland White Terrier (Westie).  I remember the first time I saw her, she was sitting in a corner with some little dachschunds… just sitting there looking at me with her big pink ears.  I picked…

Fluffy and Pippa

final rumba dress

Back in September, I decided that I wanted to perform in the Christmas Showcase at my dance studio, DanceMakers in Fort Worth. I started taking some private lessons with Ryan there sometime in August. We were working on the smooth ballroom dances, Fox Trot and…

Designing My Rumba Dress (2014)

Laura's Pizza Recipe

So this is a little break from my zoo and dancing posts.   My hairdresser asked me for my pizza recipe the other day…  Over the years I have worked on this and changed it along the way, and now it’s just about perfect.  The…

My Own Pizza Recipe


This summer, Belle and Bowie are celebrating their first birthdays!  Belle’s is July 7, 2013 and Bowie’s is August 5, 2013… almost a month apart.  Belle is Bowie’s Aunt… Belle is the sister of Bluebonnet who is Bowie’s mom and both Belle and Bluebonnet are…

Belle and Bowie Are A Year Old This Summer