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This morning the doctor called around 8am with a status on Bentley.  He’s been in the hospital again since early yesterday morning.  His sugar spiked up to 700 from 600 earlier in the day and it wasn’t going down then overnight it stayed around 500.  He was twitching from neurological problems, most likely caused by the sugar being so high for 3 or maybe even more days.   His kidneys were starting to fail.   They scheduled a sonogram for 9:30 to see what was going on with him.   This hospital doesn’t have weekend hours, but their Dallas location does and his doctor will be working all weekend, so she was going to bring him with her this afternoon, just like they did last time he was there.   She said that if things got worse then we would have to make a decision  because his quality of life is going downhill, but the decision is ours.

I got a call from the hospital again, sometime around 10:30 to come and talk with the doctor.   When I got there, they brought me in back and he was hooked up to all sorts of equipment, his little head  resting on a pillow for comfort.  His eyes were open but he didn’t see.  I was stroking his head and he closed his eyes.   His body was twitching every so often, which was due to the swelling of his brain.   They were giving him insulin for sugar, steroids to reduce the brain swelling, pain medicine for the pain, fluids… and whatever else. He was non-responsive.   The doctor said it was my choice as to what to do, he was going downhill quickly, but if I wanted, she would bring him to Dallas and monitor him there and of course, do whatever she could to help heal him or at least keep him comfortable.   Tom is in Seattle on business and I had no cell service in the hospital, so I went outside to call him and to talk about everything.  He knew he was in the hospital, but didn’t know the details from the night before and that morning.  We decided to send him to Dallas and hope for the best.

While I was outside on the phone, the doctor came running out, Bentley took a turn for the worst.   When I went in there they were trying to revive him, but his little heart gave out.   He made the decision for me.  It’s really hard to accept this, it was all so quick, or maybe it wasn’t.  From the sonogram, the doctor found that his pancreas was a mess, she could do further testing because he wasn’t strong enough. Everything seemed to indicate an aggressive pancreatic tumor.   She found a few other things too, but right now it’s all a blur to me.   I’m glad I was there with him, but so sad that he’s gone.   Rest in peace, our funny little boy Bentley.  We will all miss you.