Baby Belle and Rasha along with Asha and Shanti

Today we went to see baby Belle, the newborn Asian Elephant at the Fort Worth Zoo.   Belle was born on 7/7/2013 and this was the first week that Belle and her mom Rasha came out to meet the public.  Belle is just so cute… tiny and lanky a little bambi-like.  She stays close to her mom and doesn’t venture off much, if she does, Rasha is right by her side.

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These are photos of the other elephants, Casey, Angel and I’m not so sure of the other one….

_img_-6 _img_-4

Now here are some photos of the little toddler Asha and her mom Shanti (One Horned Rhino’s).

Asha was born on August 16, 2012, I never got to see her until today!  I tried but for so many reasons, I never got to the zoo to see her.  I won’t make that same mistake with Belle, the baby Asian elephant.    Asha is almost a year old now and just so cute.  She snuggles on her mom, Shanti.  How can anyone not be moved by this!

I found out from one of the Zoo specialists that the One Horned Rhino’s horn is actually cartilage and they can shape it by rubbing it.  It’s not the same as an elephant’s ivory tusk which I think would be more similar to bone.

_img_-190 _img_-189_img_-178 _img_-172 _img_-166 _img_-160 _img_-159 _img_-155 _img_-154

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