Back to the Zoo to see the new baby boy, Bowie

My daughter, Rachel, came from Midland for the weekend, and we thought it would be fun to go to the zoo to see the newest baby.  We got there for the last showing at 3:30, but Bowie was not out.   Belle and her mom, Rasha were out again.  Belle is just so cute and I’m glad that Rachel saw her,  but we were hoping to see Bowie too.  I talked to the Zoo Specialist, Kari, and she said that Bowie (pronounced Booey, I am from NJ and that’s not how we would pronounce it, but that’s his name and I have to get used to saying it that way) needed some extra bonding time with his mom, Bluebonnet.   They aren’t sure when he will be out, the Zookeepers make the decision daily as to whether or not Bowie and Bluebonnet can come out.   I decided that I will come every day until I can see him, so I thought it would be best to become a member of the Fort Worth Zoo.  The office was closed by the time we got there (the zoo closes at 5pm in September) so I’ll do it next week.   Belle is still so cute and fuzzy but she’s already over 400 lbs!    Looking at her, it’s kind of hard to believe because next to Rasha she is so tiny.    Colonel, the two-tusked male, was out today.  I don’t normally see more than one male there, but sometimes they are both together and sometimes Angel (the other female) joins them too.

_MG_8815 _MG_8829




_MG_8942 _MG_8949 _MG_8951 _MG_8952 _MG_8953

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