A Brand New Fort Worth Zoo Member!

I went back to the zoo today to become a member and hoping to see Bowie.   I’m so excited, now I can come as often as I like and I can just stop in for a few minutes if that’s all I have.    I got my Zoo Membership card and went back to the elephants.  I didn’t have my camera today, but I did have my iPhone.  Bowie was not out again. Kami said that he still needed some extra bonding time with mom.   Bowie was a little bit underweight, not a preemie, but on the smaller side and because Bluebonnet is a first time mom, they are being a little more careful.   So Belle and Rasha were out again.  Rasha was dusting herself as she always does and Belle playing and walking around her.     The Zookeeper (at least I think that’s who it was), came out and Belle laid down for him and he brushed her off with a broom… she seemed to like it…   Belle kept getting in the way, in the same way that all little ones do.     (I took a selfie of me for my facebook page since this seems to be my new daily activity).  These photos are from my iPhone so the quality is not like the others, I’ll make sure to bring real camera every day now.



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