Belle Was So Cute Today

Well, Belle is always cute, but she was especially active today.  It rained this morning on the way to the zoo, and maybe the rain energized her.   She was playful, she played in and out of the little cubby area and then she was a bit wobbly on her feet.

_MG_0451  _MG_0458  _MG_0478  _MG_0493    _MG_0512  _MG_0513  _MG_0514  _MG_0515  _MG_0516  _MG_0517  _MG_0519  _MG_0523  _MG_0525     _MG_0863  _MG_0864 _MG_0870 _MG_0874 _MG_0880

And here is Casey!

_MG_0813  _MG_0895  _MG_0533    _MG_0538  _MG_0896

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