I Was So Sure That Today Would Be Bowie’s Day….

But no Bowie… I got to the elephants this morning before they were out. Kami or Kelly weren’t there, but Mike was (today was my first time talking with Mike, but Kami introduced me to him yesterday). We were waiting for the elephants to come out, then the Zookeepers came out to make sure the food was in the right place and that everything was set for them, then about 5 mins later the gates opened and out came Rasha and Belle… but oh, what an entrance! Today Rasha, the zookeepers and Belle following, walked straight out to the visitors and Rasha smiled and gave a big Hi-5 to us! It was very cute, and of course I got it with my camera. Then Rasha and Belle went over to their hay, Rasha grabbed a big bunch with her trunk and she took it where she could eat with a little more privacy. I found out today that Belle is already about 470 lbs… she’s on the big side. Belle was lively today, she did a little bit of running, today was her first day of trying to eat some hay (at least it was the first I’ve seen it and Mike said the same thing)… she grabbed a big bunch of it with her trunk, but I think more fell on the ground than actually went in her mouth and she was trying to dig a hole and play and eat some mud. I also found out today that there is a one year old giraffe, her (I think it’s a her) name is Tatu. She is smaller than the adults, but unilike the elephants and Greater One Horned Rhino’s, giraffes grow tall quickly. She’s already 10′ tall. Click here for more information about Tatu’s birth.

_MG_1757 _MG_1765 _MG_1768 _MG_1786 _MG_1790 _MG_1794 _MG_1809 _MG_1810 _MG_1845 _MG_1880 _MG_1882 _MG_1883 _MG_1913 _MG_1938 _MG_1983 _MG_1986 _MG_2001 _MG_2010

Tatu, the year old Reticulated Giraffe


Asha snuggling against her mom, Shanti

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