Another Day and Still No Bowie… But a couple of Videos of Belle and Rasha

I just can’t seem to get enough of Belle and her mom, Rasha.  I won’t put too many photos here today, only 3 of my favorites from today, but I also did a couple of short videos of them.  I found out that Belle is 495 lbs (I think I posted yesterday that she was 470, but I must have misunderstood) and Rasha is 8000 lbs!   Bowie is still bonding with Bluebonnet and Angel (the other female Asian Elephant at the zoo) also accompanies Bluebonnet and Bowie.  Bluebonnet is the youngest of the adult elephants and being a mom is new to her.  She is learning, but seems to need some extra time.   In the wild the females and young elephants all stay together, so this replicates how it would be for them in the wild.   Angel is not blood relation to any of them, but Rasha, Belle, Bluebonnet and Bowie are all related.  Groucho was Belle’s father and they are still doing genetic testing to find out if Casey or Colonel is Bowie’s father.   Groucho was on loan to another zoo in Denver, so they are sure it’s not Groucho.

rasha and belles feet

I just love the way Belle crosses her feet… it’s so cute!

Belle and Rasha Belle and Rasha

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