Belle, Rasha, Primates and more.

This morning, Rasha and Belle came out and ran straight to the little stack of hay.    Rasha doesn’t like to eat where they put it for her, so she runs over to the hay with Baby Belle following close by, and picks up her food to eat her breakfast in private.    Today she went to the far front corner where it was hard to see them.   Bowie is still bonding with Bluebonnet.  When they finally do come back out to see the public, they will more than likely be there with Rasha and Belle.  Rasha and Belle are used to the routine, so it’s best for Bluebonnet and Bowie to come out with them so they can learn the process.    I head from some of the workers at the zoo today that they were there when they heard a very loud noise, similar to loud car races… as it turned out, it was Rasha giving birth to Belle.   From what I understand they are very loud.  I haven’t heard Rasha or Belle make any sounds at all on any of my visits, and I’ve been there a lot!    They seem to be very happy.   Bluebonnet is a little more nervous natured than Rasha.  Rasha is Bluebonnet’s mom and she will help her along when they finally do come out on exhibit.    I’m only putting out 2 photos of Belle and Rasha today, and also some other photos of primates, cheetah and more.


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