Bowie and Belle at the Fort Worth Zoo

Me at the zoo

I wasn’t planning on going to the zoo today, but I finished my work early and thought that since I probably won’t be able to go tomorrow or over the weekend, then I better go today.  It was another day with both babies, their moms and Angel.    Angel is an extended family Aunt to  Belle and Bowie.     Angel is the largest of all of the three adult females.   She has a lot of hair and very long ear hair…    Her back is sloped.    Bluebonnet has a humped back, she seems to be larger to me than Rasha, her mom.  Bluebonnet is 14 and I just realized today that she was only 12 when she got pregnant with Bowie…that sounds so young, but for elephants, it’s ok.      Rasha, I think, is about 40…    I need to check on that.    Bowie was quiet today… no noises at all. I got there around 10:30 and stayed until about 11:45…  it’s so hard to walk away because they are all so interesting and cute to watch.    Belle was very active today and running around a lot.   She and Bowie were playing and pushing each other.  By the time I left, Bowie seemed a bit tired.  He was out two days ago and again today, so this may be a lot of activity for him.  He stopped to lay down twice and once he rolled on his back, the way my dogs do when they want a belly rub.   Here are some videos and photos from today.    Both Belle and Bowie spent some time nursing and Bowie and his mom (Bluebonnet) locked trunks…. I didn’t get into the other parts of the zoo because it was very crowded, I did stop by to see Asha and Shanti (Greater One Horned Rhino’s… mom and baby) though… they were snuggled together as they normally do.

Here is baby Bowie resting… so adorable!

_MG_4927 _MG_4925 _MG_4919 _MG_4902 _MG_4826 _MG_4777 _MG_4751 _MG_4721 _MG_4710 _MG_4670 _MG_4666 _MG_4648 _MG_4643 _MG_4623 _MG_4542

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