Back To The Zoo

After the gym this morning, I took a quick trip to the zoo. I want to try and visit at least once a week to watch Belle and Bowie grow.  All of the adult females were out, Rasha, Bluebonnet and Angel and the two babies, Belle (the large and older one) and Bowie.. the real baby.   Belle was having some fun today, she was running all over the place, getting in Bowie’s way.. pushing him.. playing with him with her trunk and then both her and Bowie running around.  Bowie is already learning how to pick up sticks (bamboo) with his trunk… at one point both he and Belle were holding the same stick with their trunks…   Belle seems to have grown since I first saw her in August, Bowie.. he’s still small and thin.  I’m not sure yet what he weighs, but next time that I see the specialists there I’ll ask them.

4 responses to “Back To The Zoo”

  1. Aren’t they just simply divine!!


    1. They are and I just can’t get enough of them! Thank you for your comments and likes 🙂


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