The Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens


Today I went to the Japanese Gardens.  I’m from New Jersey, and a friend of mine from back home showed me some photos of the fall foliage there, which inspired me to go to the Botanical Gardens today to see if there were any autumn colors.   At it’s peak, the Japanese Garden is one of the most beautiful places to go, the red maple trees reflected in the water is breathtaking.  Normally that is not until late November, but I thought I’d try today.

For the most part right now, everything is still green, but I did manage to pick out a few views with some very pretty colors.   I will try and return sometime late November to check again.

Yesterday, Oct. 23, I went to the zoo to see the baby elephants.   I will make another posting over the weekend with some thoughts and photos but I haven’t had a chance to go through all of my photos yet to decide which ones to post.   I had to go this week, because next week I will be in Hawaii and I will have to miss seeing them!   Soon, I want to put up photos of Belle’s and Bowie’s growth since they were presented to the public.   Belle has filled out, last I heard she was already 590 pounds, and Bowie was only 330, but then he’s a month younger and he was also born 6 weeks early… but more about that when I post the zoo photos over the weekend.    I hope you enjoy looking at the Japanese Gardens.

Laura Lynne