Another Visit to the Fort Worth Zoo

This morning I stopped by the zoo to see the babies. I saw the Meerkats on the way there, they are always looking around and so much fun to watch. Then I stopped by Casey, the one-tusked male Asian elephant, he was eating his morning hay. It was early and the females and babies weren’t out yet, so I stopped by the Hippo’s next door, one of them was out of the water eating breakfast and the other was swimming, when (s)he was finished eating, (s)he joined the other hippo to go for a swim.

The elephants are normally out at about 10:15am, but this morning they were late, they made their appearance around 10:30,  the zoo keepers walked the elephants into the penned area, and then, Rasha, Bluebonnet and Angel all waved their trunks at us… then they went about their business, eating breakfast.

Bowie is getting so big! He’s filling in and not looking so skinny anymore, but he’s still very tiny compared to Belle. Today, Bowie was very active, it was the first time I saw him eating hay and he also threw some sand on himself. He kept nudging Belle with his trunk, normally, she’s the nudger… and normally Belle is the one running around, but today it was Bowie.

I only stayed for about a half hour, I had things to do, but wanted to stop and visit since later on this week we are expecting cold temperatures and an ice storm.   They will not let the elephants out in ice to make sure that they don’t slip on it and hurt themselves.    After the elephants, I stopped by to see Ralph, the new baby Waterbuck, he has grown so much! I guess Waterbucks grow much quicker than elephants.

All in all it was a quick, but good day at the zoo, the weather was comfortable with not too many crowds. I do notice that people stop, look at the elephants and then they move onto the next group of animals. Children seem to be more interested in the giraffes and lions than the elephants, although everyone loves seeing the babies. The Interpreters aren’t around much anymore, I guess they were there in the beginning because so many people had questions about the new babies, but now they babies are a few months old.

I will keep watching them as they grow, maybe one day they’ll notice who I am!

Thanks for reading looking at my photos!

Laura Lynne

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