Belle and Bowie Are A Year Old This Summer

This summer, Belle and Bowie are celebrating their first birthdays!  Belle’s is July 7, 2013 and Bowie’s is August 5, 2013… almost a month apart.  Belle is Bowie’s Aunt… Belle is the sister of Bluebonnet who is Bowie’s mom and both Belle and Bluebonnet are daughters of Rasha.

I have been watching them grown since they were introduced to the public and they have grown so much over the year!  They’re still babies and small next to their moms, but they have filled out so much even in the past month since I’ve seen them last.    The Fort Worth Zoo had a birthday bash for Belle this past weekend and Bowie’s will be coming up in August.  I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t able to make it, but I did made sure to get there today to see them.  Bowie is still smaller than Belle and for longest time he was very thin compared to Belle, but he’s really filled out.  He still has that cute little mullet on top of his head.

They were all in the big pen by the pool, Belle did splash around in the pool for awhile, but for the most part they all were pretty quiet and just walked around as a herd.

I also stopped by to see Asha and her mom Shanti… They were busy eating…  I got some cute photos of them too, they were very aware of me and wouldn’t keep their eyes off of me!

I hope you enjoy the photos!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Laura Lynne


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    1. Thank you my friend! XO


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